Two people, yes trust that, it’s just two people who met working in a web design company more than a decade ago form this company. SuRDiM.com is owned by Great Design LLC registered in Maryland, USA

How did the name SuRDiM.com arrive?

We were brainstorming few words for a nice and simple company name. Every good word we came out with from the dictionary had a domain (.com) registered under it. Then, we thought of creating a word of our own. We listed down the services we were meant to provide and recalled our dedication to make digital marketing reliable. Then came this – Super Reliable Digital Marketing company. Hence the name SuRDiM.com

Our Vision

We have a very simple vision. In the present age of internet, we want every business to get a noticeable share of the internet presence. That is to say, every business should be searchable in the internet with a few touches on their mobile phones. Consumers like to receive information about any product or service they want. Whether it be via Google, Bing, Yahoo or may it be via Facebook, Twitter or YouTube people land up in a website to order a product or service…or at least send an inquiry.

All we want is to connect every business with consumers – local, nationwide or international.

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Why choose us?

SuRDiM.com is dedicated to bringing you more business via the internet.

We are focused on boosting your online presence and effectively bring in more customers to your business.